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  1. I'm like,,, this close to crying, marry me, oh my god-

    1. If you ever decide you want to write about it, I will go ham. I have got your back and am on the same boat. I want to explore more of his personality (so, bascially, a character study through Kirishima's eyes because that's all I'm good for, apparently lol) and will demolish any drabble you write about that with love

    2. I love this look on it oh my god? When I was writing, I had this idea that him wondering if he's a bad person came from a specific event that had him reflecting against his will because anxiety sucks like that, but I love this concept a lot more. He's a mess, and there's so much internal turmoil, and that's something I love about him. He lashes out at such stupid things, and yes, he's gonna also address the main problems head on, but I think he's gonna struggle more with those because he can't yell and explode his way out of it. It's frustrating because for as smart as he is, changing an entire aspect of your character is a daunting prospect and I wanted Kirishima to acknowledge that yeah, you've got flaws, but you don't have to go and change everything.

    3. Okay, about Kirishima because I love my boy SO much. I think yeah, he struggling here, because he's got a clear idea of what he wants to say, but he's not sure how to phrase it. Bakugou almost always says exactly what's on his mind, and if he's opening up, even just a little, Kirishima wants to repay it forward. He knows Bakugou, understands in part how he ticks and recognizes that yeah, this is a situation that could absolutley explode depending on what he says. But Bakugou is honest, so Kirishima needs to be as well.

    4. I really didn't want to end on something that felt stagnant or forced. I wanted some form of closure, maybe not Bakugou acting on Kirishima's words, but most definitely a nod to the fact that he took those words to heart. He values Kirishima and he values what he has to say and I think something solid and concrete to ponder over as opposed to any open turmoil that may be aggravating Bakugou's thoughts is probably a breath of relief all of it's own.

    Do Not apologize for babbling. This was amazing. I love hearing how you interpreted it, your headcanons, what in particular you liked, all of it! It's more feedback than I ever dreamed of getting and I am thrilled to hear what you have to say. Thank you so much for commenting and thank you for giving your genuine thoughts.

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    1. Of course, my dude!!!

      I just want to say that I'm intrigued by this "event" you originally thought of that brought this question on from Bakugou. Whether you have this event fully realized or not, I'm still interested in this path. I MEAN, if you think of something to write that lead up to the question, my greedy little eyes will be all over it haha

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