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  1. And we're off - the atmosphere here is really nice, with the contrast between Vienya's experience and the foreignness of Japan. Like when it suddenly strikes her just how big her room is, or hell just having to communicate through a notebook. Themes of isolation of different kinds are already showing up, so we'll see how these things develop further. And I'm not sure what you will/have done with Moja, but judging from the anecdotes of his attempts at interpretation, Moja seems entertaining already.

    There are definitely inconveniences to being like this.
    But barring some kind of miracle, it’s how I’m going to spend the rest of my life, so I’ve already accepted it.
    I think I’ve accepted it with a lot more grace than the people around me.

    ha this is too true

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    1. ycouyo chara

      vienya is a lady on a mission and has not got time for all dis ableist bs

      It's been kind of an unintended side effect of some protagonists' specific situations that the early chapters before they get their Servants/meet other characters wound up a little spare. But since this is still just the beginning of the story and not much is happening anyway, that's not so big of an issue.

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      1. Hehe, I'm being a lot less verbose than usual, aren't I? :> It's cause I'm awkwardly typing on my phone, and I don't have time to open up a document and splurge for pages and pages about "what is great about this story"

        But I'll try making more substantive comments when I can. I'm pretty sure once the action takes off I'll have way too much plenty to say

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