Comment on Fate/Grand Order: Ring of Promise

  1. Overall, it's a good start, I guess Da VInci is really jelly here. Poor Dr. Romani, now he will know what it means to be the protagonist and get caught in a love triangle from hell.

    Well more seriously, the start is interesting, so please continue. So far my only critique is that I feel you skipped over what happened to Olga so it's not clear Sheba just killed Amon or something else happened there, and Olga at probably needed a proper send off from the Dr or something. Anyhow, Sheba being here is pretty interesting by itself, after all Goetia had her assigned to kill rogue Pillars, so she is probably really good at that and Goe-chan probably likes her, so things should get more interesting going forward.

    I do like a lot of the details here, Romani using hebrew, the summoning chant, how the Sheba knows that it's him from the riddle (oh gosh that made my inner romantic smile) and overall, this is a good start, so keep at it.

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