Comment on love of mine, someday you will die (but i'll be close behind)

  1. I did not expect this to be as fluffy as it is. Especially with that "reluctant to tag major character death" tag.
    Not only that; this fic is well written with a good timeline that does not overwhelm but also does not lag.
    Good job in the description of details and the way you know how much info you can dismiss without being cryptic.
    It's also very exciting to see how different their personal development throughout the 13 years resulted in. The striked out descriptions are also very cute. Your overall writing style, story progress, and character development gives me warm feels and I can't help but give you kudos and all my heart.

    I very much look forward to any possible follow-up stories, especially their relationship inter and intra if I may say 😂

    Thank you for this wonderful fic. May you have good health and the ability to tear down writer's block to keep sharing your stories. UwU

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    1. while i was posting this i was like internally raging with myself lmao like 'ok ryne you need to tag major character death you literally kill lwj here' 'but they're revived!' 'they still died!' 'but it's fluffy!!!!'
      aw thank you! i was wondering if i should've written more in-depth, since a lot can happen in 13 years, but i'm glad to see you think it was good!

      and like yeah?? even if they dont remember everything in detail and stuff it's just like. 13 years is a very long time to spend with someone esp if youre dead and bc of that they trust each other so much and love each other so much ajkglreadhrhgojreilohaerkhbejearhjeta I CANT

      awwww thank you!!! you're so sweet uwu and i do have a few ideas, but for the time being i'm going to be focusing on my other series (please check it out if you dont mind #shamelessspon) but i will write more for this if i have the time! (potential scenario to think about; that scene in lanlingjin where wwx unsheathes suibian but since its both lwj and wwx in the same body (pretend lanlingjin took bichen too pls) he grabs both swords and they unsheathe and everyone else is like WOT THE FOK HOW)

      thank you as well for taking time to comment!!! ahh you're so sweet ily ;-; <3

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