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  1. It's interesting to have cliffhangers like this. Not just on what might happen next after Giant Gorg, but also because most characters didn't get their proper origins revealed. This would give us a chance to make up more of their characters if we want to. Who Yuu's mother is, where the parents are for Doris and Tom (if they're still alive), and if the Captain has any relatives out there whether he knows it or not.
    But I'm sure the biggest-origin plot to focus on is to see how Yuu is different from human beings if he's truly related to Manon's kind. And to see if he's still in good shape after all those testings GAIL has done to him.

    This makes me imagine that Roy would try to enforce more torturing readings on Yuu Tagami to try to get GAIL back to business. That is if Roy isn't arrested for his crimes.

    As for my anime experiences;
    Giant Gorg is so far my favorite of the 1980s. But it's the only 80s-anime I've seen all the way through yet.
    Last Year I was doing 5-episode trials on at least 10 anime shows from the 1980s, and Giant Gorg is the most impressive of them all.
    Was originally going to start Astro Boy first, but noticed it's a longer anime, and Gorg only has 26 episodes. So I figured I go for Gorg to get the rest of the story down.

    Still hoping there will be more of Giant Gorg. Fanart, Fanfic, etc. Whatever Works.

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