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  1. Yeah, more of Rebecca backstory would help with that. With Shiki it's a little bit easier at the moment in comparison to Rebecca. Maybe instead B-Cubing she could be a mechanic? Like IDK feeling inspired to be one after Happy had an accident and the older Weisz fixing him up. Animal Caretaker? She loves the cats, so her job could be looking after them (Doesn't fit for the canon though.) Eventually, Rebecca could be the food critic. Trying the food from all around EZ world would still make her and Adventurer, I think.

    For now it's hard for me to think about other occupations for her. We don't know her background that well. Rebecca is harder to place in certain occupations than Shiki.

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    1. Straw Hats mixed wit Germa 66.

      No argument there.

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