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  1. I loved this story, I laughed at Hubert threatening the cabinet members, I liked how attracted he was to Ferdinand, Hubert teasing Ferdinand with his gloves, I liked him rubbing his hands on Ferdinand's thighs, leaving Ferdinand hard in public, but sad that Hubert wouldn't let Ferdinand say they were dating, that it would be bad for Ferdinand's job and reputation. I love how Hubert keeps thinking about courting, he liked that word and idea.

    I loved Hubert saying "So let them see you marked. Sweaty. Destroyed. Fucked." by Hubert, I like how Hubert made Ferdinand say what he wants Hubert to do with the gloves, I liked Ferdinand begging, I loved Hubert fucking Ferdinand in public. I loved the ending, their talk, Hubert and Ferdinand are great in this series, they pertencs together, I love the illustrations.

    Do you plan on writing more stories for this series? I want to read Ferdinand courting Hubert, wonder if Hubert would be embarrassed, he would like it but wonder what actions Ferdinand would take, knowing he wonder, how he would court Hubert.

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    1. Thank you so much!!!! I definitely want to write more in this series though I think this wraps up the main plot. I'm such a sucker for these two though, I might totally do a wedding fic, UGH I LOVE THEM

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