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  1. And plus Akechi's not supposed to know that Akira is alive at this point (I think).

    How did I not notice this fic until today?

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    1. Actually I double-checked this when I was writing the chapter, but in TMF's timeline, he would know that Akira's alive at this point! ^^ The interrogation room and the fight against Akechi in the engine room in Shido's palace all takes place in October instead of November, though I can understand the confusion lmao like I said, I had to double-check it myself when I was considering adding Akechi into the chapter;; That's what happens when you mess with the timeline pfft it gets confusing and hard to remember when things happened lmao

      Yeah I think some people missed this fic since I uploaded it during Pegoryu week, but I'm glad you found it and I hope you enjoy it! ;u;

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