Comment on Smitten Kitten

  1. Just found this and I love it so much that I. Can't. Even.

    I am picturing Bruce as a Chartreaux, just so you know. And Clint as a Bengal even though I know he hasn't been described with leopard rosettes. Steve is definitely a straight-up Domestic Shorthair, and Natasha is a Russian Blue. Pietro is a red Abyssinian, and Wanda a red Somali. Vision is an Oriental Shorthair. I haven't come up with a breed for Tony yet, though he'd definitely be upset to hear that Torties are 99.9% female, and that the only way to get a tortoiseshell tom is for that cat to be a chimera. I'm still working on Jane, Sam, and Thor.

    Anyway, love the story, love the fluff, looking forward to more!

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