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  1. adsfljk thank you so much omg, your comment made my day ;u; I'm glad that you loved all the fluff, especially since I was being really self-indulgent with a lot of it lmao <3 Writing chapter 4 after all that fluff killed me though so I'm glad that pain got across asdkflj lmao, I have absolutely nothing against RyuuAnn either though, even if it hurt to write Ryuji with someone other than Akira ;_;

    Ahhhh thank you, that means so much to hear ;u; <333 Honestly I wasn't sure if anyone would even be interested in reading a bunch of side stories for a fic that was already self-indulgent as it was, so I'm really happy that it's been getting positive feedback and that people have been enjoying all these little extra looks into the NG+ universe and the different timelines! ^^

    dfskjl I'm so glad you think the last chapter came out well ;u; I wasn't too sure about it when I first wrote it, but when I read it over again before posting it I was really happy with how I managed to condense all the pain and all the feelings from all the other timelines while still ending on a happy note <3

    Thank you again for all your kind words and support, I really appreciate it ;u; <333

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