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  1. Thank you for the update! This chapter is a good one. Made me smile while reading it from beginning to the end XD
    Poor Yeqiu, he is so nervous playing while his crush is watching. Though, I also have to congratulate him since he able to spend some time with his senior Han. Will he someday join Tyranny as a pro in the near future or will he be joining Excellent Era as technical support or maybe as one of its player as well? I can see a lot of possibilities for our dear Ye Qui's future, I feel so excited. And it sounds like Ah Qui can also be proficient with a lot of classes hehe they are twins indeed. And teasing Su Muqui is so fun. Love their interactions.

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting~ ;w; *hugs* I'm glad this chapter made people smile~
      I hope I can still write properly since my writing is all over the place OTL
      - YQ's future (in my notes) is fixed at the moment, but I haven't plan too far yet 83 Stay tune~
      - Yes, Ah Qiu is proficient like his big bro~
      - I make it my goal to bully SMQ as long as I can
      Thank you~ >w<

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