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  1. I have one more previous timeline fic lined up for Pegoryu week, but that one's going to be more of a general "before the 100th timeline" fic instead of a fic focusing on a specific timeline like this one :( I'd definitely like to try expanding on some of the previous timelines at some point in the future if I have the chance, though ;u; Honestly that's a good question, I'd been trying to figure out which way I want to go with that for a while now lol because on the one hand it would make the most sense for it to just be a complete reset (just like how when you do a NG+ run you're technically loading up an old save file that has NG+ data, rather than starting a fresh new game), but at the same time... the angst potential for the timelines continuing with him dead is just so good lsfjd so I'll just leave it as a Schrodinger's cat situation for now lmao

    askdfjl thank you so much omg, it means so much to hear that you're invested in my AU ;///; And I'm glad you liked the sickfic!! I love sickfics myself so I had to write at least one for this AU ;u; Thank you again for your kind words and your support! <333

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