Comment on Rekindle All the Dreams it Took You a Lifetime to Destroy

  1. I definitely pictured this as thumbs-up-gabe-in-a-dress angrily yelling compliments at me so thank you <3
    and god yeah, if you're in canon, even if he never appears on the stage, even if they're not in relationships, gabriel is going to be a specter hanging over mc76 and ana. they just can't help it, he's affected them all Too Much. and if you're a proud stubborn old bastard like jack who's never going to ask jesse about gabriel, then it'll Never stop haunting him.
    (I had this whole bit on how jesse fucked like gabriel and kissed the way jack knew he'd liked to be kissed but it just got Way Too Depressing. I saved it though! it'll show up at some point!)

    and oh god I never made the connection of cat/mice and now I'm almost mad at myself that I didn't use the metaphor god damnit.

    anyways you're welcome for the meal!!!

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