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  1. Ooh!!! I love this!!!!!!! Any sort of update schedule I and other viewers can look forward to?

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    1. Glad you like the story :)

      The next chapter is nearly done, and should be out within a week or so. It (and this chaper) had been almost done for a while, I just hadn't gotten around to finishing up.
      After that it will unfortunately take a lot longer until the next one. I've actually only read the first book of the source material, and I'll need to read the rest to avoid contradicting worldbuilding (the story will necessarily move to a larger scope after the next chapter). Given that and other projects that take up a lot of time, I have no idea how long it'll be.

      If you want to read some other stuff I've written to tide you over, I have a list here (it's randomly spread out over the internet, so difficult to find otherwise).

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      1. Thank you!! Imma check it all out!!!

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