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  1. Oo, now I'm looking forward to the SHareCon zine even more than I was before, knowing there'll be new art from you! It was pretty special for me, too, to get to be part of the zine last year. I didn't have *any* art ideas for this year's zine though, and I feel a bit guilty about not playing, but it just came too soon after the last year's con, and the advent calendar, and everything... So many fandom duties! :D I'm not going to the con, either - it's a bit far to travel from Finland just for a weekend - but I'm a supporting member so I'll get the zine and the goodies delivered to my door. And there's a Virtual SHareCon group on FB, too.

    You're very lucky to have a partner who shares your S/H interest! And lets you look at her FB, too! I'd like to stay away from FB, out of principle, but I can't leave now because that would make me a fandom orphan. I was just a lurker in most of my earlier fandoms, but the Bromance group is such a friendly place that I got past all that very quickly (I'm Reetta Karoliina there). It's probably the best place to post/link fanart, too (especially slash, of course). Self-reccing is always encouraged, no need to be shy about that. I always post or link my new stuff there.

    Ok, I have to ask - what's with the carrots? :) Every time I see your Tumblr alias, I hear Richard Griffiths doing his "there's a certain *je ne sais quoi* about a firm, young carrot..." speech in "Withnail and I".

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    1. Oh it’s a pity you are collaborating with the zine this year. But of course you’ve been busy with other SH projects so it’s ok. Please take all the time you need! I understand that your beautiful art requires hours and hours of hard work.
      Regarding my work for the zine I’m happy and nervous at the same time. I’m very critical, very hard when it comes to my art and I know that in a couple of months I will probably hate my drawing, or at least I won’t think it deserves to be published in a zine. But anyway I can’t wait to hear what do you think about the work. Please let me know when you get it.

      I’ll try to post something -or to be more active- on FB. My partner and I share our love for SH so I can’t complain. Watching the dvds together, commenting, bitching, slashing everything is great. She is not really into fandom but she always lets me have fun ;D

      Hehehe! Carrots! Someone asked me “why carrots?” recently. Well my url makes reference to an old blog I had and also to my love for carrots (I had one tattooed on my upper arm), orange things and vegetables in general -I became a vegetarian at 15 and I’m a vegan now. And I also love Withnail and I!!!

      Btw because we can’t keep on writing long and longer replies here forever (can we?) I sent you a private ask on tumblr. I know you are not very active there but perhaps we can find an easier way to talk. I’m also on lj (onnakarot).
      I think I’ll post a WIP today -or one of these days- on my tumblr. It’s a Hutch I had in mind...

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