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  1. Gold metal Chinese Zodiac Ox charm.

    What tunafish said: this is a thing of beauty, with spot-on characterization of everyone involved--I love Kantarou's snorting High Dudgeon at some parvenu's intellectual property theft--and the revelation that it was bait, strategically planted by the boss he's dismissed as a blustering old duffer. And how fitting that Kantarou, Dobashi, and Miyake should find resolution in the Midnight Diner--a magical place where communication happens. I'd actually long thought that these two series would be a natural crossover, and thank you for making a reality of my wish as well as tunafish's.

    (I've found it to be a general rule of thumb that fics for rare fandoms tend to be exceptionally good, being the work of fans who care enough about the fictional universe in question to write for it with little or no peer feedback and support.)

    ( you suppose Takeshi Kasumi (with his imaginary friend in tow!) from Samurai Gourmet might sample neighborhood sweetshops during workday hours--when retirees are free to wander? Or might miss the last bus home and have to await the morning in the Midnight Diner?)

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