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  1. Lief with Veritas and baby Forta

    Man, there’s so much lovely worldbuilding and so many nice scenes in here. Another great fic in the fandom! Your Lark/Nousha is so obviously joyful and calm and everything she is in canon, but also very new and nervous. Her humming without realising it is adorable.

    And you’ve written Rosethorn perfectly as well, down to the way she threatens the boys.

    I like the slow build in their relationship (and the phrase “thorn bushes fighting for light” is a fantastic way of describing R&C’s relationship).

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    1. Aaaaahhhh! This is so sweet! Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the story and that Rosie and Lark/Nousha felt in character! I had fun trying to explore what they would've been like before they tempered each other out.

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