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  1. Discowing approves.

    The comments explain so much, I was like, "'s so short? And this is chapter 1 of 1? It has no Fingon even though it says it will? The Beleriand Risen title suggests it's in the Return to Aman series? The character tags and timing suggest it's the fic meant to be connected to that post where the Noldor can't tell time? But how??? And how do I politely ask?"

    It being accidentally published in an unfinished state is pretty funny considering the entire text consists of a text with its revision process on display, as it were. ^^

    Anyway I look forward to the rest of the story! They are indeed very funny, and the notes are highly illuminating.

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    1. I thought I was being clever, using the drafts to experiment with the idea of colours and variant fonts to indicate notes! But I must have hit 'publish' instead of 'preview' and of course that sent a notification...

      Situational irony indeed! I have been working on the rest of it over the weekend, but it's not there yet. I did take the Fingon tag off when I realised what I'd done.

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