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  1. Sheron

    Okay, you ever have those times where you can't leave a review because you have so many things you want to say that you just know you won't be able to say them all and then you are just putting it off because the fic was SO GREAT that you can't possibly capture your love for it in a comment? That's how I feel about this fic.

    Maybe it just got me at the right time, when I wanted these exact feels, but I strongly suspect that I've wanted to read this story since the moment I read Avengers 4. I've thought a lot about the weird situation Steve is when he's back post CW and how often you get a story about Steve learning to see Tony's POV but I hardly ever read stories which address that Steve's life kind of sucks post CW too? And having this story where Tony is brave with his emotions (thanks amnesia!) and takes care of Steve hit all of my buttons. And not just because it's always fun to read about them taking care of one another. But because seeing Tony take care of Steve when Tony's heart has been broken over and over again, when Steve has rejected him already in several ways and left him crying from the pain he's in, it really shows how much Tony loves Steve. Without saying it, it shows exactly that feeling that Tony would do anything for him, swallow any kind of heartbreak -- and most importantly that Tony can be brave with his emotions for Steve. So that was just so incredibly uplifting and hopeful and made me absolutely adore the ending.

    Some of the things I really loved:
    - Carol! OMG SHE WAS SO GREAT. I love that she clearly cares about both Steve and Tony, and yet her loyalty is a little bit on Tony's side because she's been with him through it all and she knows (more even than he does) how much he needs/loves Steve and she's been there for the whole soulmates business. I always love Carol+Tony but she was particularly awesome here. I love that she's there to hold and comfort him both times.

    - Clint! SO many stories have the team behave towards Tony like they hate him, which I don't think is reflective of the comics. I mean, there are certainly personality differences and jokes and all sorts of discomfort with some of Tony's actions and plans, but I really really appreciated that Clint behaved like a friend and a teammate in the moment when Tony is vulnerable and helpless. Even if Clint had some reservations with Tony in general, I know he would want to protect someone who is helpless like that and that just struck such a chord with me. I thought his characterization was pitch perfect, which is neat in a Steve/Tony focused story.

    - Bucky! Omg! He was also so great! (You're perhaps noticing a trend but all your characters in this story feel so real and behave like themselves, like they care about each other in different ways and with different dynamics). Bucky's concern for Steve came across so well. "He's been miserable lately" tells it's own story because it both shows how well Bucky knows Steve and also how INCREDIBLY miserable Steve has been, to be so obvious with it. My heart!

    I also loved that Bucky was kind of amused/horrified/flattered in his reaction to Tony and immediately shifted to "oh wow that explains so much" type of a reaction.

    - Tony's instand like of Rhodey and wanting to keep him around. Awww! In short all the cameos, even the smallest ones really added to the story.

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