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  1. In the early dawn,

    A man walks down the street.

    And through the city.

    Into a train.

    Sinking into a seat.

    Another passenger also sits in the seat.

    Then this passenger is possessed by the lost salaryman soul inside the seat and goes to the lost soul's company, as the lost soul does every morning at 7am sharp.

    The passenger acts just as the lost soul did at work.

    The lost soul didn't realise death happened, and the passenger gets cornered by the lost soul's former coworkers since this was obviously a 'sick prank'.

    A coworker had murdered the lost soul for a promotion.

    The lost soul knows everyone's names and talks with them since they were old buddies.

    Its so very uncanny valley, for all who are not the lost soul.

    Last Edited Sun 16 Jun 2019 03:49AM UTC

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    1. That sounds interesting.

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      1. Coffins and Catgirls

        Do with it what you will.

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        1. Okay. I will.

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          1. Coffins and Catgirls


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