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  1. :3


    "Taako wrinkles his nose. 'Aren’t ravens carrion birds?'
    'I don’t want to talk about it,' Kravitz says, because the truth is, yes, they are, and there are all sorts of things he’ll eat as a raven that make him queasy when he’s human. 'I miss food for a reason.'"

    LMAO oh nooo.... oh no my poor boy. i laugh.............. at his expense. these are exactly the kind of terrible bird shenanigans i had been hoping for, thank you for delivering this content to me on this day. god.

    “'I’m Taako,' Taako says. 'Are you, like, some kind of fairy? Sorcerer? That face, that’s gotta be an illusion, right? If you’re secretly an old witch trying to eat us you’ve got to tell me otherwise it’s entrapment.'
    'Oh shit, do you grant wishes?' Magnus asks. 'I’ve given what I’d wish for a lot of thought. My answer depends on how many we get? Is it three each, or do we have to split them between us?'"


    as always when reading your very good fic i am legally obligated to remind you that your fic is very good. otherwise it is entrapment. this magnus??? allison this magnus is choice as hell. i can hear travis mcelroy saying these words directly into my brain.

    i will also remind u that i have NO idea how the original fairy tale goes, so although i'm not SURE taako is going to turn into a bird,

    “'Remind me not to get stuck as a bird anytime soon,' Taako says,"

    i am like, pretty sure taako is going to turn into a bird.

    anyways u are a ROCK STAR. ur ability to write SO MANY WORDS ALL THE TIME astounds me. this is JUICY CONTENT!!! HIGH IN VITAMIN C. the c stands for carrion bird, now i know a bird fact. hell yeah.

    okay this comment is getting very silly so i will just finish this one off by saying that i am of course v excited to see where this bad boy goes. <3

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