Comment on Not Normal (So What Else Is New?)

  1. red gibson guitar

    Thank you! I'm glad you gave this story a chance in despite of your OTP-focus, heh heh. I do like to try out other pairings sometimes, see what sticks and if I can write it? It's all adventurous.

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    1. I guess ^^. I kinda like to stick to my otp when I have one, (If I don't have one, then I might not be totally into the story.. can't prove it but hum: 'been here done that already so...) and I don't mind other pairings, but I can't read something when the characters of my otp are with other people... Well I mean, when there's no way they will end up together at ALL. But I don't mind threesomes and Foursomes (especially "team free love") And other pairings (when my otp is around or something..)

      So yeah, it might be an adventure, but I just can't do it x)

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