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  1. Oh my gosh, I love every bit of this! Alec inability to let things go is so Alec and so relatable. I loved that it was something Magnus didn’t even register at first and that he apologized after.

    And the Alec and Aline friendship is so well done. They feel like real organic best friends and Aline has got Alec’s back no matter what! Also Aline being a disaster and hiding from Helen is hilarious and also very relatable.

    Izzy suggesting the Buffy Marathon warmed my heart. Even though the Izzy part wasn’t very long I could still tell they loved each other and it was adorable.

    And the ending with Magnus. Magnus wanting to keep talking to Alec and Alec having no idea why. They clicked so well and you could tell that through the little bits of banter and the way Alec seemed comfortable with him.

    This fic is amazing!

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    1. Thank you so much!

      I need so much more Alec & Aline bff fics, and I'm so glad their relationship worked for you! And if you like Izzy's role, then you will enjoy chapter 2 because she has a much larger part in that chapter. I really feel like Izzy and Alec have Buffy as a bonding experience in this verse. A friend and I were discussing if Alec was an Angel person or a Spike person. :D

      Thanks again!!!

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