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  1. Ah, the real reason Sebastian ended up in Kirkwall... How did he ever manage to become such a stick-in-the mud by DA:II lol ?

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    1. I'm glad the summary notes are working for you! I hadn't realize how confusing it could be to have such a huge cast of characters/settings. As for Sebastian, it's canonical that he was forced into the Chantry against his will because of his promiscuity (I just expanded on the details :))

      Banter from Act II:

      Sebastian: I used to be like you, you know.
      Isabela: You used to be a woman?
      Sebastian: No!
      Isabela: That explains a lot.
      Sebastian: My family put me in the Chantry because I was giving them a bad name.
      Sebastian: It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I found peace. I found a purpose.
      Sebastian: Before I came here, I used to be out to all hours, drinking and whoring. I didn't believe in anything except my own pleasure.
      Isabela: Why couldn't I have met you then?

      As for how he became so religious, it's implied that Elthina was the only one who actually cared about him as a person. There are other banters that state that Sebastian's family wasn't very nice to him.

      Banter from Mark of the Assassin:

      Isabela: My husband used to have hunting parties like this.
      Sebastian: I'd forgotten you were married.
      Sebastian: It's hard to picture you playing the hostess, taking cloaks and kissing babies.
      Isabela: No, there were servants for that. I just had to sit there and look pretty.
      Isabela: If I got out of hand, he would lock me away with a bottle of wine and a dirty book.
      Isabela: Told everyone I was indisposed.
      Sebastian: My parents used to do the same thing! Minus the wine. And the, uh, dirty book.

      I'm trying to keep it as canonical as possible while providing all the missing details that we don't get to see in-game. :) I'm so glad you're enjoying it! Thank you so much for the reviews!

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