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  1. Lolo, that's twice now that you've noted Wynonna's slight attraction to Nicole. Whether she wants it or not, seems Wynonna has found a friend in Nicole. Lolo, Jeremy is adorable. Oh shit, Waverly found the body? Wow, stab wounds and strangulation, these guys are mortifying. Poor Waverly, finding the body and still thinking there was a possibility that she was alive, that's horrible.

    It's interesting to see the internal struggles that Wynonna is going through. From not wanting to befriend Nicole to trying not to comfort her sister, its evident that Wynonna wants to strengthen these bonds but her fears and insecurities won't let her. I'm loving the story as a whole and I really love that its being told from Wynonna's POV. This is such an interesting fic. Excellent update as usual, can't wait to see what happens next. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I love WynHaught, what can I say?! I mean, who wouldn't be into Nicole? I loved writing their first interactions with each other. Jeremy is totally adorable in everything I write. I hated that Waverly had to find the body, but Wynonna wasn't going to go out of her way to see her sister so there had to be something to tie the younger Earp to the case.

      Writing in Wynonna's perspective is so interesting but so fun to write. Everything's just a tad darker, though.

      Thank you for the review, as usual! :)

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