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  1. OMG I love what you made of this entire quest !
    Lathoul is definitely the cool brother, I laughed with him and Liam finger guns and Scott yelling about making out in the end.
    It was some welcomed touched of humor in a chapter full of angst and made a very balanced chapter.
    I liked how Emma rubbed Akksul's face in his own cowardice.
    I loved Jaal and Emma's interactions, the tenderness, the care despite the stressful situation, and the end with the anger and the fear.
    I loved it all.

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    1. I'm so glad you liked it! Emma understands where Akksul is coming from because she is also afraid. But she doesn't place that burden on others. Writing Emma and Jaal's evolving relationship has been incredible and I'm really glad you like it. Thank you so much for the comment! <3

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