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  1. i saw that you were gonna update on tumblr and I’m so glad you did! i felt so bad for clem when she read speak, and I kinda want to read the book to get a jist of why sarah wanted her to see it. anyways im excited for the next chapter (not prepared though), great work!

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    1. Hey, thanks for the review! I figured someone would see that post, lol.

      I’ve read Speak multiple times, and it’s a great book! It’s just very heartbreaking and raw. Basically, it’s about a 13 year old girl named Melinda who sneaks out with her friends to go to a party. She ends being assaulted while drunk at the party and ends up calling the police on the party without reporting her assault. She ends up being a pariah for her next school year, essentially denying that she was ever assaulted, and becomes non-verbal for a large part of the book. It isn’t until the end of the book when she comes clean and her rapist (a 17 year old boy) is arrested that she begins to heal.

      The quote that I had Clem read is on literally the last page of the book, when Melinda is coming to terms with what happened to her, and realizes that not only was she not at fault for what happened, but that healing IS an option.

      I had Sarah circle that paragraph to save because she wanted to help Clem heal. I don’t acknowledge it a lot, but keep in mind that Sarah DID have to listen to Clem’s assault. She’s trying to move past that on her own, but she still has more of a support system than Clem does, having been part of the group longer.
      Basically, Sarah wanted to give Clem hope in a way that would give her (Sarah, I mean) hope, but she didn’t plan on showing it to Clem so soon, and with the way Sarah is, she probably doesn’t really grasp the fact that Clem’s way of mourning and reactions to trauma are different than hers.
      And also, without context, Clem doesn’t know how to react because she didn’t see the events of the book unfold.

      Long story short, Speak is a plot device in a way. It’s helped a lot of people come to terms with assault and PTSD symptoms, and Sarah did in fact have her heart in the right place. She just didn’t plan on showing the book to Clem at this point, because Clem is still essentially in shock. You can probably tell that she’s dealing with a lot of anger and blaming herself.

      I appreciate that you’re excited and I’m really happy to give people emotions like this! Thank you so much!! ❤️

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