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  1. Okay, first things first... I don't know how to thank you enough. Your giftfic made me really happy, so much that I think my cheeks would hurt from grinning so many times; but it's a good kind of hurt, so no worries *winks* I wanted to write a play-by-play of me when I was reading this, but I couldn't do that to the story, so here it is:

    My first reaction about the title, then the summary and the fact that it was a giftfic on my birthday was OMG!

    I also have to say, that I absolutely love your Sephiroth even though this is a fluffy piece with some crack, he's our insufferably Sephiroth-ish Sephiroth! And that's exactly why we love him so.

    "Angeal interrupted when Sephiroth pursed his lips to form a retort along those lines. “-I’ve heard you quoting Yellow Sunshine and Buttercup Brides too many times not to know.”

    “The fact that you know means that you’ve watched them as well” Sephiroth replied.

    Angeal’s cheeks turned faintly pink and he coughed.

    “Yes. Well. I do. But I know better than to reference them in an attempt to ameliorate my romances, don’t I?”

    “Do you have romances?”

    The Commander gave him a hairy look.

    “That’s awfully Genesis of you” he replied wryly. “And it’s none of your business.” Sephiroth wanted to pointed out that that was as good of a ’no’ as anything. But saying so would be-he admitted to himself grudgingly-equally as ’Genesis of him.’ "

    I loved this part to bits, like so much I reread it, twice. And then, I got to this part and I laughed so hard that I nearly cried! It was simply amazing, the mental image! XD

    "When it came to his redheaded lover, it was rather like walking on a gift-wrapped grenade strapped to a rabid grizzly bear holding a teacup. There was a 50% chance he might get a very good cup of tea and a 50% chance he might explode."

    I was really looking forward to seeing Angeal and Sephiroth try to shop for Genesis' birthday gifts, but I think what happened next was even better! Poor Sephiroth! *is not at all sympathetic with the poor guy* And I thought Genesis would definitely go for a different angle, but of course our silver-haired General decided to blurt that out! And then Genesis went for a wholly different tangent O_O And I definitely agree about the memo that Sephiroth is not dating 'Yeoman Smith' XD

    And then we get to the main event! Yum! Cake! *grabby hands*

    But what I hadn't foreseen was Genesis leaving Sephiroth O_O And my heart breaks for Sephiroth as he comes into terms with Genesis' breaking up with him, until!

    O_O*scratches their head* What's going on?

    "“Seph, I’m moving in with you.”

    ‘Seph’ was stymied.


    I really really loved this: 'Seph' was stymied. I think I want to write that on a piece of paper and attach it to one of my walls, among the other quotes I might have accumulated...
    So yes, it was priceless like the rest of this. And I have to admit that was a nice twist! :D

    And then we have this:

    "“You stupid idiot” he murmured into his mouth. “I don’t give a shit about birthdays….”

    “...The only thing I want for my birthday, is you.”"

    And it was simply the best way. I think I already wrote this up there and told you in person, but I don't know how to thank you enough and thank you very much for writing this. It's really meaningful, and an all around touching gesture :) So at the risk of being a broken record, I'm very grateful for the emotions, the time and the effort you put into this, among many other things.

    P.S. I think we have to agree to disagree about the "A better collaborator the world has never known!" part.

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    1. I'm glad that the fic made you happy =) Though not that it made your cheeks hurt, however I'm glad it was a good kind of hurt^-^ No worries about the play by play, it's really okay =)

      It's good that my Sephiroth goes over well for you, though i think I could say the same about your Genesis =D And he's a little clueless sometimes yes =P *pats Sephiroth's head carefully from on top of a chair*

      That part was fun to write =D So I am very happy that it made you laugh =D

      Originally I was going to spin this fic out longer and do the actual shopping, but then I realized we'd done shoppingwith Angeal in the Christmas fic kind of? Plus it wouldn't have allowed for the sort of tiny plot twist there at the end and I really wanted to do that. *looks dubiously at self* Sephiroth very much dug himself a slight hole there xD And poor Genesis thinking Sephiroth's running errands for the president lol I think if Sephiroth tossed a teddy bear at me at high velocity I would absolutely take that the wrong way just because :3
      Despite the fact that this was a fluffy piece I apparently can't control the slight angst that seems to cling to the vestiges of my being like some sort of velcro shroud so that part with I'm glad Sephiroth plunging into the depths of despair was cogent and relatable^^

      =D I really wasn't sure about this part, because I wasn't sure if in previous parts of this if they lived together, but realistically all the parts are sort of separate entities from one another so it worked =P

      xD I'm glad you liked that =D And I can definitely relate to gathering quotes =)
      I'm also glad you liked that part =) And, really, like I've said, I enjoyed writing this and it was even more fun to write for a friend ^-^ And you've put plenty of time and effort into other things we've worked on, so really it was the least I could do, and I'm just glad that it was meaningful =) Though you wouldn't sound like a broken record =)

      Oh we would definitely have to agree to disagree about that =D *agree to disagree fireworks* though I'm glad we don't disagree about the 'wonderful' part ;) =D All kidding aside, thank you for reading truly, and Happy Birthday again^-^

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      1. I'm glad about most of your reply, so I'm gonna refrain from addressing them one by one. Apologies though if it feels like I'm ignoring them, that's really not my intent.

        About the fic not having the shopping part, I can understand why you didn't do it, and I think you're right about not being able to write that plot twist in the end. It was a really good call :D Like totally unexpected in a really good way.

        I think if Sephiroth tossed a teddy bear at me at high velocity I'd quite possibly take it the wrong way just because I can also XD

        I don't think there's anything wrong with having angst wriggle its way into your works, I think that's more or less the same for me though with tragedy. And believe me, angst is much better than tragedy in my opinion because you won't end up writing depressing fics all the time? I have to say though the mental image of angst clinging to the vestiges of your being like some sort of velcro shroud is amusing... I hope it's not mean of me to say that... :/

        I think everything about this worked out, so no worries :)

        It's really good to hear that you enjoyed writing this and even more so because you were writing it for me... I want to say that makes me feel honored but I know you don't like the word, so I'm just really happy and grateful? :)

        Oh, the wonderful part slipped my mind ;) But I'm glad we can agree to disagree. There's nothing to thank me though, but if you insist, you're very welcome, and thank you.

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