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  1. It would be interesting to see a one-shot that covers Pucci's journey after attaining Made In Heaven up to his appearance in this chapter. His description of heaven is different than what it was in Part 6 so he must have changed at least a little between then and now. I wonder what versions of Dio he's met if this ending is the one he judges as perfect for Dio, considering what the original version of Dio was like.

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    1. I've actually been thinking on that, recently! Some sort of timeline where Pucci pierced Made in Heaven with an arrowhead he'd kept around and produced Made in Heaven Requiem, which evolved into a Stand meant for a singular purpose: to reset the universe until Heaven, in its perfect state - one that brings Dio supreme happiness, rather than whatever idea Pucci had - is achieved. As such, he is given the ability to influence and view the results of that influence on timelines until the perfect timeline with the perfect set of circumstances appears.

      Pucci would try a lot of different factors and see them fail and fail again at bringing Dio long-lasting happiness. The attempts/changes to the timeline go in this sort of order:
      - Dio defeats Jonathan as a vampire, but is later defeated by the awakened Pillar Men. Utter failure and a hollow victory.
      - Jonathan dies early and Dio inherits the Joestar fortune without the need for conquest or vampirism, he ends up rich and unhappy and bored and rages at his mortality. So vampirism must be a thing.
      - Jonathan befriends Dio and sticks by him when he's vampirized on accident, but as he ages Dio drifts away and never returns, too unwilling to witness his best friend grow old and die. He wanders the world in a state of empty loneliness and isolation due to his immortality.
      - Same as the above, but Jonathan dies on his honeymoon, which forces Dio to swear that he'll protect Jonathan's descendants, and brings him back to them (after a brief scare) instead of wandering the world as a lonely man. Progress!
      - Pillar Men wreck shit and Dio dies fighting them alongside Joseph because he overestimates his vampiric abilities. Oops, wrong turn.
      - Mary Joestar becomes the survivor of the carriage crash and becomes obsessed with the Mask, which results in research being available about the Aja, Pillar Men, and Arrows. Pucci is triumphant!
      - Dio's loneliness makes Pucci nudge fate to lead him to Yoko Shiobana, but when she gets pregnant it causes Dio a ton of distress and he can't handle it so he leaves. Pucci has a crisis of faith - why would his beloved Dio do that, especially after everything?
      - Same as the above, but Pucci puts circumstances together that make him stay with Yoko. Dio is absolutely miserable and can barely bring himself to care for baby Haruno because Yoko is such a negligent mother and he wonders why he bothered to bring a child into the world with such a terrible woman. But at least he's not lonely, Pucci thinks.
      - Pucci keeps on with that timeline and when Stand users start popping up in Italy like daisies thanks to Diavolo's Arrow, it proves too much for Dio to handle. But Pucci gets an idea.
      - Pucci rewinds the clock so Dio is never with Yoko and takes in Diavolo, and things are awesome for a while. He has the *experience* of a son, so he's not lonely, and, in an unexpected twist further on, it gives him a good baseline to improve Jotaro's life later on. Pucci's finding himself surprised that he cares about the Joestars having better lives, considering they were his enemies so many timelines ago. Being in MIHR makes time run strangely.
      - The timeline proceeds further and when Jolyne is born Pucci gets a pang of some sort of regret/nostalgia. Jotaro is a better person but he's still very neglectful of Jolyne, without Dio to give him advice regarding parenting - he only has experience with fostering Diavolo, a teenager, not a young child. He and Mary-Jane still divorce. Dio is still fairly lonely, spending all his time in the Joestar Estate.
      - Seriously, when did Pucci start caring so much about the Joestars? No, no, this is all in service of DIO. Dio cannot be lonely. (But he should be a father too, otherwise Jotaro doesn't have someone to emulate, and Jolyne will end up being the crass, shameless girl Pucci himself had to deal with.)
      - So Pucci continues thinking about what to do...

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    2. The continuing times of Pucci's Timeline Reset Adventure:
      - Pucci tries timelines with other women bearing children for Dio - the moms of Rikiel, Ungalo, and Versace - but the result is the same as when he was with Yoko, even if those women are far better people. he thinks, maybe Yoko is The One, the terrible key to Dio's happiness.
      - Pucci engineers the reason why they separate - the pendant - and lets things play out...
      - Dio and Giorno are reunited and Dio takes Giorno in and everything continues on so wonderfully. Giorno fills his life with joy and the experience allows Dio to give Jotaro good Dad Advice.
      - But there's a sort of emptiness that's still present. What is missing? It hits him - Dio is keeping the secret of the fact that he's Giorno's real father from him. It's giving Dio a ton of subconscious stress and causing a tiny rift between father and son. How would Pucci cause Dio to confront the issue?
      - A-ha! Joseph and his son Josuke. Get Holy to explore Morioh with Giorno, get Giorno to befriend Josuke, and let the dominoes fall from there.

      Finally, the golden timeline is achieved. Pucci knows that if he enters the timeline directly, MIHR will disappear and he will likely also disappear, but he needs to hear from Dio's own mouth that he has reached Heaven.
      And Dio tells Pucci what he had been waiting to hear for an infinity of timelines, and he disappears into the ether in peace.

      Might write it, might not. But that's how it would go!

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      1. I really hope you write this story, it sounds very interesting!

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      2. Does this mean that Raspberry Beret is actually Pucci/MIHR?

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      3. That's beautiful...

        Please write it~

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