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  1. Lief with Veritas and baby Forta

    Oh, yeah, of course! It wasn’t a criticism or anything. I do love the nuance you’ve brought us there. I read Rosethorn as very competent and capable in her field (you know, like a nurse?), but I also read her as sort of stubborn, someone who doesn’t dislike change per se but has to keep the change very much on her terms and within her limits. Anxious beneath the surface works really well for her. It’s weird, because the narration has the teachers so stable that I tend to *write* them as stable without thinking about it.

    I think he mostly only loses it when there’s actually cause (but... like, that’s when he overreacts), whereas Rosethorn is all prickles on the outside and sweet to people in her inner sanctum. But you’re right that all of them (including the Circle) have this particular irascibility with people they perceive as idiots. Which I think is either a characteristic of Tammy herself or is just written in to make them seem more nuanced. Probably both. It’s funny, but Emelan is probably the only fandom where I could read novels’ worth of slice of life fanfic. The world and characters feel very rich to me - it feels like there’s a whole lot more detail than we get on screen (or... page). It doesn’t lend itself much to big battles and empires, but it reminds me of Shenmue in its attention to detail. Small scenes are ‘drawn’ vividly. Emelan is very filmic.

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    1. yeah!! ohhh i hadn't thought of it that way, but I bet you're right, that must be a characteristic of the author herself (plus, Tris also shows it a lot and Tammy has said she's based Tris off herself ^^).

      and omg yes 100% agree, Emelan is such a detail-rich world in which you could easily read novels' worth of domestic life stuff. Actually, one of the things I loved most about the books (at least the first four) was that there's no 'big bad' for the kids fight heroically (weeell maybe in Tris's Book, but not the others), instead there are various small day-to-day obstacles to overcome while operating in this beatifully rich setting. SO GOOD!
      Plus the richness makes all the characters compelling... (Partly why I took up this challenge re: secondary/recurring chars). It's so easy to imagine that each one of them has so much more of a background and inner world that could weave beatifully into what we see on "screen"...

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