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  1. It's so fascinating about how she clings so feverishly to a child's desire. They both exist and don't exist at the same time within the shell that's named Bakugou Katsuki's body. The dichotomy of want and lack of want, desire and absolute void between the two of them within one is done so masterfully in this fic.

    I also find that even though it's a trans Bakugou it's still an after thought and not something that's dwelled upon a lot in spite of it. Which is definitely to be expected given that both of them exist within the body and the way their mind and body identifies as both at the same time. But still a pleasant surprise and a welcome one given my controversial thoughts on that being a bad defining trait of most fic under those parameters.

    Honestly as great of a mess our amalgamated Bakugou is, I'm just wondering if you'll ever do anything on other character's POVs in relation to how they see this Bakugou? It'd be interesting given how functional (or lack of function hidden underneath) that Bakugou is. It feels like Bakugou's cracking as time and drama ramps up and it's definitely going to be obvious to some people when that point hits.

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    1. Me, getting compliments: *turns into suspicious pile of goo*

      Seriously tho, thank you - that's really cool to hear how you translate it and that you like it. I read a lot of stories about the concept of being reborn, whether stuffed into a new body entirely, one already inhabited, past identity erased or so and so on and I like exploring the severe and possible repercussions of such a thing. Especially when I try to echo what was and what is. So - your feedback loop on it was really cool to hear.

      We are definitively getting more POV's outside Katsuki, I just really wanted to establish her as a character first with a building bubble of people but I swung the first one up in the following chapter! As I started this up I meant to make this around 5 chapters but that's gone out the window and now I find myself balancing and sorta extending the narrative and I had to go and update the tags because of it.

      Aizawa is one we are absolutely going to visit in the future and more than one of her classmates to sorta establish what's going on in Class 1-A around her. Dabi will probably appear as well. Depends on how the narrative lends to it? But there's def plans on it happening to get a proper narrative with her being an unreliable narrator.

      And, oh, absolutely about your observation. A lot of interesting things in the future.

      Thank you so much for your review<3

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