Comment on Cry Havoc

  1. I just wanted to let you/anyone hesitant to read this (hence posting this comment on the first chapter) know that I'm glad I kept reading despite the fact that 1. I avoid amnesia fics for personal reasons (not a trigger, but close - grandparents with Alzheimer's)...I think this marks the third one I've read in ten years of being in fandom; and 2. the non-sexual non-consent was a little intimidating in its vagueness at first (I totally did a fistpump when my guess was right, though. Although since it presents in multiple forms I guess I wasn't entirely correct, haha).

    But I kept going, and after finishing everything you've posted for this 'verse so far, I would happily do it again and probably will. It was wonderful and I'm glad I trusted my instincts that you'd be able to handle it well.

    You continue to impress and amaze <3

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