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  1. hizashi made alot of good points and i'm glad shouta listened.
    hearthstones are really neat and interesting and it's a really cool object/talisman. i also find it really cool, neat and almost sweet that shouta insisted hizashi makes a hearthstone too. i know he mainly wants it so that hizashi can keep his promise, but it's like he's asking hizashi to make this place his home.
    i also LOVED hizashi singing and creating those songs about the others! those were great and really fun. and eri's drawing was adorable. i also love hizashi bonding with and growing closer to the kids as he gets to know them like shinsou and shouto.
    and i liked shinsou's desire to give aizawa a friend to be really sweet. it was also funny that shinsou got exasperated when hizashi couldn't figure out what he meant.
    it was also fascinating learning more about hizashi's past and his origin. it's also incredibly sad, to know the side effects. he's scared of falling in love because he doesn't want to be like his parents, he doesn't want the chance to either be or to manipulate someone. and that's sad but it's understandable.
    it's also kind of funny and neat hat eraser called hizashi robin hood. it's also really cute and neat that hizashi is so earnest in his desire to impress aizawa.
    eraser admitting that if he allowed himself to want, he'd want hizashi was really neat and sweet and i liked a lot even if hizashi is too scared to allow himself that feeling.
    and i loved both how the door reacted and how that drawing looked. it was great.
    it was also a bit incredible seeing them preform that ritual and how shinso tried to volunteer to be hizashi's anchor. it was neat seeing how hizashi worked around his magical difishincy in this spell and how powerful he was when he lets his magic out. i liked how he tried to rush it so he wouldn't do as much damage, ending up tiring himself faster. and i loved how shouta caught him.
    i'm a bit sad that shouto and hizashi will have to leave soon but i understand it too. i excited to see what the tasks are though! i hope they are safe on their journey.

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    1. bonar

      Thank you so much!!! I'm so glad you're enjoying it 💚

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      1. oh i forgot to mention that i started reading the story aloud to my mom and she's fallen in love with it too!(i keep calling it the 'Spinx Shouta Story')
        i hope you guys/people keep up the great work!

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        1. bonar

          That's so nice! I'll try to keep our update schedule to once every week, so stay tuned!

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