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  1. WOW. This is so awesome! For a series set in academia, we don't get to see a lot of the academic side in the novels, so I LOVED this glimpse at all the different papers that come out of their research experiences. I really liked that prompt when I saw it, and hoped someone would write for it—and this is even better than I hoped for!

    Some of my favorite parts: Colin & Polly writing a chapter from Michael Davies' notes; Badri's contribution (I love Badri!); the tributes to Mary Ahrens and Montoya and Basingame; your incorporation of a real-life academic quote at the end; and just the way Colin's voice keeps moving back and forth from academic detachment to personal involvement throughout his writing.

    I just wish we got to see Colin's "rambling and indulgent letter". Okay, actually I wish it were possible to read every single one of these essays. If they were half so good as this marvelous introduction, they would be well worth reading.

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    1. a ginger and a pair of wicked cats

      Thank you! (And good lord, I didn't mean to take half a year to respond to a comment - sorry about that!) I'm so glad you liked it and that the pseudo-academicness worked for you. I do also rather wish I were able to write (or better yet, commission other people to write!) the entire volume, because that would be brilliant fun, but alas, my actual PhD thesis is a jealous mistress. Ah well. Thanks again!

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