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  1. Writing smut for the first time is never easy, and is nerve wracking to share. That was me not too long ago so I completely understand your fear and nervousness for a response. I think you did a great job capturing their personalities mixed with sex! I found myself smiling a lot especially with Scott’s corny jokes—something he would totally do in real life.

    Minor suggestion (HATE being this type of commentor by the way) but penis can be very unsexy to some people. Most sex scenes on here use cock. Regardless, I still found this enjoyable and looking forward to more of your writing!

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    1. This is a very kind comment. I love that you told me this. All penises edited from the fic, I think. Let me know if there are any rogue penises floating about (now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write).

      PS I love Path To You xox

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      1. Hah! The rogue penises comment made me laugh. Sorry if I overstepped my boundaries in that suggestion...I know that sometimes writers can get a little upset/protective when people give them advice when they don’t want it. I know I have experienced this.

        PS Glad you enjoy Path to You! I was very nervous (and still am!) about all my sexy times scenes. It gets better and less weird with time. Xx

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