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  1. Chapter 17

    OH MY MOTHER-...
    God, the amount of satisfaction I gained from this. Why do I like this so much? I don't fuqing know but it was freakin' aWESOME!!
    I don't know how to put this into words or what it even was but you hit it. Dead freakin' center dammit. I took me two hours finish the chapter because I had to take quite a few breaks to get my shit back together. Greatest thing I have read in a long time.

    Chapter 18

    My heart aches but in a good way because such good writing. Love the parallel between Sam and Dean and the betrayals they both face 'cause it really shows how Dean's being affected by this outside the heat of the moment, or like how it's going to really hurt/get to him later on. It's the greatest angst. Very good. Also my heart really goes out for Sam and it hurts because Sam's not looking at Dean and oh god... And Ruby was a bitch. 'Cause Sam did love her and that fuqing hurts. It's all so very good. I can't wait for Dean and Cas to meet again. I'm also kind of curious about Sam and Cas. Not sure if I really want them to meet or not though.

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