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  1. It may be that the first was a practice, second the improvement attempt and the third the perfected result.

    Or it's just fact that though same characters, the Belmont one still also had different ones to balance out.

    Yeah, Netflix-Trevor all happy now: free beer and family.

    About LoS... I have tendency to prefer them because it were those games that insparked my love for the series. The focus on Dracula as a character and his development from good to bad to semi-redeemed was amazing, compared to his classic-counterpart.

    Hehehehe.... there was originally an idea for at least Trevorcard revealing that the sons of Dracula hang out but I dropped it.

    Alucards want to have some break and thus keep hush hush, not wanting to get suprise visits from hunters or worse: their dads.

    And Dracul... well he is not stupid and knows what would happen if he said that "btw, the Dark Lords hold meetings". Also since mostly the meetings between Draculas involve someone complaining about something instead of ACTUALLY doing anything constructive, he sees no point for spillibg the beans. And then there's the possibility that his family, especially Marie, would slap, punch, slash and impale him it, so...


    But I'll let out an secret:

    This series is not over!

    There's going to be one where groups learn about each others and the reactions. Something along the lines of:

    "Traitor! Consorting with Belmonts!"

    "Is the world ending? No? Then f*ck off, we are on a break."

    "Please guys, keep it in your pants."


    "Gabriel, WHAT DID YOU DO NOW?!"

    "Shit, there's five vampire Jesus' now..."

    "Why does HE get his wife back and not us?!"

    "Hello Leon ~"

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    1.*SNERK*(trying to keep a straight face but absolutely failing miserably) I really need to read this story...when are you posting?

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      1. I'm TRYING to not take several months but... you know, LIFE.

        I have a rough skeleton made for the story but it's still struggling to breath. Can't say if any of those lines appear but that should give an idea of what it would be like : INSANITY!

        ...isn't that actually Castlevania in nutshell in some level...?

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        1. So true, SO SO TRUE.

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    2. :3 *squee*!

      Though now that you went from the Sons of Dracula ending their meeting with avoiding fanfiction. To now at the Belmonts talking about how they all had sex with the dhampires..... So how did all the Adrians tell Trevorcard this? Did they all teased him about doing their versions of Trevor Belmont together? Trevorcard here was so lucky that no Belmont thought to ask how he knew! X3

      Now the reaction statements..... This is because Dracul and Trevorcard has dual membership to these meetings isn't it?

      That first one is clearly from all Dark Lords. Though I picture Dracul rolling his eyes, those other Dark Lords clearly forgot that they never ever stopped calling him "Belmont" after all.

      How does the Adrians have such a boring (for Belmont family) break? listening to their theme music?

      Okay, this comment is the only one that can fit any of the groups when reacting to the other two. It can even be Soma saying this to the other Dark Lords.

      And the last few reactions of the Vampire Lord groups seeing the Belmont family reunion.... The knightly Belmont Progenitors are feeling the danger alarm bells of potential ruination of family happiness from Lament of Innocence.

      Goddamn, I really really can't wait. Hopefully I gave you some ideas.

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      1. Well, they did not as much as tease Trevorcard. They just begun to compare their respective Trevors'.... attributes. With Trevorcard at the same room.

        He was not very comfortable with the topic.

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