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  1. I must say one thing, however: you seemed pretty vague about how Antimony looks. I need a bit more detail about her hair and her outfit so that I can draw her just how you envisioned.

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    1. I'm afraid there isn't that much else to say. I wrote this on a time limit.

      I think the coat is probably a purple colour, the shirt would be black with a window for both of her gems (they're next to each other), and the jeans are like Amethyst's but with more patches on them. Her hair is probably closer to Amethyst's but rainbow coloured, and maybe in a ponytail?

      Sorry, does that help?

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      1. Yeah, that helps a whole lot!
        I do have one thing to ask though - would it be okay to give her a jagged Mohawk? I kinda wanted to draw her as a kind of punk rocker.

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        1. Sure!

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