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  1. This. Is just. Wow.

    You have such a great handle on what something like this would sound like, and how Colin would twist it to his own purposes. I got all teary at the section about Kivrin, and how what has always mattered to her is telling the stories of the voiceless. And then I outright snorted at the bit about Basingame because OMG yes this aspect of academia is so familiar and real.

    Thank you, thank you, this is amazing.

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    1. a ginger and a pair of wicked cats

      Thank you! It was one of those things that grows as you write it, and I found myself learning more about Willis' stories than I'd expected to just while talking about what else they might have written! Kivrin is my favourite, and that is probably part of why. (And I know, right? I'm still more than half convinced Basingame has been doing his own time travel jaunts and that's why they can't find him, because that is frankly more believable than going fishing in Scotland in December. But ah well.) I'm glad you liked it, and thank you for the comment--sorry it's taking me so long to respond to them all!

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