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  1. Oh, of course!
    The concept of the Wicked Villain System comes from Chinese Light Novels (see Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (the origin of systems novels) for reference). The Loki System is a blend of this concept and fan fiction. The Wicked Villain System, or 009, is a program that attaches itself to a host (aka Mot), someone who is either trapped in limbo, or died. The host is tasked with traveling through thousands of worlds, playing a wicked villain (via taking over their bodies) and trying to change the fate of the villain and plot. There are other light novels such as the Heroic Death System, The Scum Self-Saving System, The Supporting Male Lead System, etc. who all have main characters doing missions that are related to the name of their System. They travel through different worlds and different scenarios, attempting to change the fate of the body they possess. You can read the prologue of my story for reference to these other systems. If you use NovelUpdate, the sight is a good source for system light novels as well.
    I really appreciate your support of this fic. I wish you luck on your story and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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    1. Oh, I though this was inspired by SVSSS instead of QWTFOTD. Because the MC obliviousness just remind me so much of Shen Qingqiu from SVSSS, but then again it also remind me a bit to White Lotus Halo's system...

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