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  1. AHHHHHH OMG THIS IS SO PERFECT ASDKLFJLAS;DFA;LSDKL;SA!!!!! Oh dear mystery author, I was about three sentences in when I became so full of squee and flail and incoherency, and you can imagine that by the end, it is WELL beyond me to produce a well-reasoned and properly appreciative comment! But I LOVED this so much! Reasoning is unimportant! Except that it IS important, because I love love love the careful scholarly way that this is written! And ohhh, Colin, bless his heart! SO lovely to see him as a grown-up and picture him writing and editing and publishing this!

    There is SO much that I love about this that it surely isn't possible to quote individual lines (I love far too many of them, and the characters left count is declining rapidly as it is) - but I particularly loved the reintroduction of cats, the Oxford syndrome (a;sldjfa;lsdflkj;sad;l SO true!), The Time-Traveler's Granddaughter (Such a perfect title!!!) and Kivrin's bit! Especially Kivrin's book, because I LOVE the Doomsday Book so much, and it's so poignant to think of those memories lingering with Kivrin over all these years, and oh, poor dear little Agnes!

    Mystery author, this is more than I could have imagined even in my wildest Yuletide dreams! Thank you SO much, you are utterly brilliant! <3 <3 <3

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    1. a ginger and a pair of wicked cats

      Oh good, I'm so glad you liked it! I was a little worried about delivering something with no actual plot or things that happen, but since you mentioned being interested in the academic side of time travelling historians I thought it worth the risk. :) Doomsday Book is my favourite too (there are little flaws but it just gets under your skin). Anyway, thank you for commenting and I'm glad it went over well for you! Happy Yuletide. :)

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