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  1. I know the work is completed but I'm getting super annoyed. I hope you understand if I explain where I'm coming from. I'm the type of person that doesn't give up hope until there is absolutely nothing that can be done except feel sorry for myself. I won't cry if there is still something I can do. Then, after I have failed, at least I know I did all I could. I feel like Gavin, as a detective, would be the same way. Find a different angle. Not enough space? Make some. why didnt they try uploading to the cloud? or upgrading to gavin's computer? or putting stuff in an SSD? Anyway this just sounds like a lot of moping and I'm not happy but I'll keep reading. please take this constructively but I feel like the type of person who wrote this is the type that, with one minute left to clock in, leisurely walks for 2 minutes to the time clock instead of sprinting. Or accepts the 79.8% final grade without trying to go for the B.

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    1. ok so I just woke up so I hope that this response makes a little bit of sense.

      Generally speaking, Connor knows transferring to another place doesn't mean it will work. He's not in an android body and can't tell if he will match up right (i literally can't think of the word right now) and transferring also means he'll lose more information in the process. And, Gavin would much prefer to have Connor in a phone than moved to a laptop that he can't as easily keep with him at all times. I know these are terrible explanations, but the premise of the fic was supposed to be based around Connor being in a phone. It wasn't necessarily supposed to make sense that he wasn't immediately jumped to another, safer place.

      When I went into this, I didn't realize how emotionally draining it was going to be and a lot of the times writing the chapters I just wanted them to be over with. I also... I only write one draft and edit that. I don't even edit more than once. It's bad writing and I don't tend to think about all the other plot points or questions that need to be addressed but. That's how it be.

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