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  1. Melancholy and pure agony DX I loved this chapter so much. Though I beta'd some of it, the descriptions of Sting's magic still fill me with so much warmth! You tied in the game so well to your story, and I don't know how to explain it but unlike FT you make the magical aspect much more mystifying and otherworldly. Something that I dare couldn't write myself, it was just too beautiful to grasp. And I'm so glad Sting is gaining his memories back, love propelling him to know the truth and past. (': I really can't wait for the next chapter! Much love TGA <3

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    1. Dear Gwen, thanks for getting so invested into this story 😊

      Even if no one else where to like it, I'd still continue to write it, because now I'm writing it for you.
      So, maybe those updates will be slow and random, but since I'm still playing it, and I still keep on discovering more about the world, new ideas won't stop popping into my head.
      And now that I've finished it with my shadow mage Rogue for the first time, experienced one of the possible endings, the story is almost done in my head...
      Thanks for your constant support!!

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