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  1. I'm rereading this and it is truly such a masterpiece. You perfectly set the atmosphere and tone with the setting that Sting is in, which makes the story eery and dark. And the way you introduced Rogue was so perfect (even if he eas dying). And their small interaction at the end seelled my heart up so much, I hope Sting is able to get his memories back. ;;

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    1. I'm so, so glad that you like it! I was so afraid that you'd be reluctant to read this due to the weird crossover... But yeah, the game is so melancholic, sad but still oddly beautiful with its lore and storyline, it fits those two so perfecty....
      *Spoiler ahead": Sting will slowly recover his memories. But as he gradually finds himself and his way, Rogue strays further and further from his path.
      Thanks fo reading and leaving such a nice comment! Lots of love, Gwen!
      xoxoxoxo, TGA

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