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  1. This is absolutely everything I wanted for Yuletide!! I'm seriously in awe of how you tied everything together so well and blended Kantaro with Midnight Diner so fucking flawlessly. I could absolutely hear the Master talking in every scene with him -- you have his voice and the feel of the diner and the emotions that develop there just perfect. And Kantaro's tightly wound feelings fit just right, with how they developed and grew as his worlds collided in this horrible, traumatizing way. And Kantaro helping make dessert skjdfolajikdgoiadjsog'sd you have ALL my dreams in here in a totally organic way

    The movement of the others around him was so great too -- Dobashi trying everything and every route to help him!! ahh I love them and I am so happy with the little tease at the end of them finally both getting to embrace their passions *through* work instead of around work (an editing role omg) -- I totally want to read an outtake of this fic from Miyake's point of view, now! How much did he know? What's his backstory with the Master? There are so many things left to think about around the edges!

    And partially because of that extra room to wonder, this fic is just fantastic in all the ways that I love about the original canons and characters. It's a perfect second helping of both and I couldn't have enjoyed it more. Thank you so much again :D

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    1. K

      :D Glad you enjoyed it! I certainly enjoyed the rewatch of cracky mccrackness I did when writing it. Though now I want all the desserts...

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