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  1. "I never knew that something so long could feel so good." Tooru's experiencing a midlife crisis. Not even about the marriage or sexuality issue, but just over a newfound love for the long.
    I love the idea of Long Long Man being just super wealthy? With the long limo, the HUGE BED. Omg. Also "Chi-chan was an enthusiastic lover. Nobuhito was strong but gentle, and truly impressively endowed." WE ALL KNEW. And I'm glad to see the three of them together instead of just Tooru and Nobuhito running off together.
    Anyways the ending is super cute and domestic! What a fun fic.

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    1. Pink bunnies are always the cutest

      It's interesting, because that limo and tux make me think that the Long Long Man either comes from money or just really likes spending his money on grand entrances, but also the delivery guy and mascot suit bits kind of go against this. So let's just say that he's a little eccentric and leave it at that. ;)

      Long things can certainly be delightful. ;) And little slice of life domestic scenes are something I love—I'm so glad if others enjoy it too.

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment!

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