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  1. I started reading this story a few years back, and my mind is sometimes subconsciously drawn back to it. ‘That spy AU from a fandom I deserted long ago but that I can’t seem to leave behind—’ I always think of it fondly when it comes to mind.

    This fucking sentence—
    “‘When—‘ There’s something in his eye—he rubs at it with a knuckle and fights back a yawn. ‘When did you get back?’”
    —I’ve thought about this sentence for literal fucking years, man. I always think about in in relation to this story, the structure of the sentence and how it serves as a snapshot and a representation of your unique phrasing /writing style. (I love them dashes. Please don’t be ashamed of them dashes. They make my synapses fire in a very pleasing way that I’ve been hung up on remembering for a long time.)

    I’m glad to have found this again. I’ve re-read the parts of the story that were already posted when I was intially active in the fandom, and read this story through to its completion for the first time as of tonight. I’ll be reading it many more times in the future.

    Also, the way you write sex scenes, fuck. I did not need to know how much I would enjoy chapter seven. Unnecessary information. Fuck that. But now I know that and it’s another dopamine-inducing experience that I can only satisfy by re-reading your story, so congratulations, you’ve effectively trapped me into re-reading Symmetry forever—

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    1. Thank you so very much! I am really thrilled that this story has stayed with you for so long (I mean, it haunted me, too, unfinished) and that you enjoyed the em-dashes. They are a bit controversial among my friends. :) Also delighted that you enjoyed chapter 7, heh heh. Thank you again for reading and for leaving such a lovely note.

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