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  1. mulan has a sword

    Everything about this fic is wonderful, a sort of quiet delight. Thank you for writing it.

    I love the little flourishes of Japanese idiom and culture that you throw in - the thanks for the meal, especially - which kept the fic neatly in the Japanese idiom, but somehow without making me sit there and try to translate every line of dialogue, which is what tends to happen when people write stories set in Japan. What's your secret? =)

    I love how you've carried over the theme of increasing modernization from the movie into the fic - Ippei playing guitar and having long hair I took as a reference to 60's rock culture (though if I'm wrong let me know), as well as the tape recording equipment - but without nostalgia. There's no sense of out-of-placeness about any of it, just that this is part of the way they live, and the way people live is natural.

    Also, Mutsuko is the best. She's deeply caring, and wonderfully empathetic, and I'm glad that you've given us her point of view from inside her head, showing all of it, again echoing the movie.

    Also, the best title. I sat there and looked at it and said to myself I'm going to love this fic, and I did.

    ETA: Also, thank you. =)

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