Comment on Seokjin & The 6 Memes

  1. This chapter was really funny xD
    I especially like Jins character in's not that often that I read a more "evil/sadistic" (?) Version of him in one moments he threatens someone with torture and in the next he joins the it :D
    and now I'm kinda curious how it happened the first time he punished them? and their reaction to him just suddenly grabbing their junk but not in a nice way? somehow I really want to know how that all played out xD
    as for your question about their characters....I think it's not that they're unstable but we just haven't seen enough of them individually yet to really establish their personalities? maybe that's it? but I also have no clue, I'm sorry ^-^"

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    1. Don't apologize!! Thank you for your comment <3 and honestly I don't really know what I'm doing with this story but I'm hoping everything will work out in the end XD

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