Comment on Phoenix Wright Returns to the Courtroom

  1. I already screamed a lot about it on the WSS but I feel like this deserves a bit more screaming.


    It speaks to me so much.
    I like the struggle to pin the right emotion. I like the reflection. I love the progression.
    I'm a lover of free verse and good rhythm in the lines, and yours work so well. and these two last stanzas are just gold. They oppose and complete each other.

    I'm torn; I'd like to quote half the poem just to say "wow, this really resonates in me, wow, this echoes that". But it would be line-dropping a text you have written yourself and I would feel a bit silly.

    This though.

    "Loving a place is difficult
    When you spend seven years barred from it."

    It's a wonderful break in rhythm and it works super well with the overall pace, this sort of stream-of-consciousness that goes from one emotion to another.

    You feel the honesty behind his first days as a lawyer becoming the bitterness that followed being disbarredv, and then the confusion afterwards, and it's so perfect, it clicks in the best way.

    And the final line, of course. That final line that just warms my heart so much because *yes*, *that's it*, *he's here*. It's like you hear his theme playing and bam you're home with him, that's the right place he should be, that's where you want to be. It. Is. Home.

    It's not many lines but it's such a rush of emotions. And as I said, I love it. I love it so much. I'm really happy you put it here so I can find it and re-read easily from time to time, because I sure won't fail in doing so, because it *strikes a chord*, as I said.

    Thank you so much for writing and agreeing on sharing this poem. I'm really, really happy you did. I feel like this comment doesn't encompass half of what I wanted to convey but I'm afraid this'll have to do: I'm falling asleep.

    Thanks again and please keep writing and sharing. Love!

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